The Success of a Share Market Depends on You

The Success of a Share Market Depends on You

The Success of a Share Market Depends on You


Anyone Can Barter/Trade/Share

The strength of a share market lay in its simplicity. Anyone can trade with anyone else, at any time, for any reason.  There is absolutely no need for a middle-man to regulate a share transaction.

Trading means having fun at a swap market, or trading my peach preserves for your Yoga class, or sharing our food at a pot-luck dinner, or letting you use a part of my garden in exchange for some of the vegetables that you’ll grow.

Some skills, like welding, have obvious value. But one should not discount other talents. Fabric work, candle making, electronics repair, are great barter skills. Those with engineering or construction backgrounds will be highly sought after. School teachers could always home tutor for trade. Even a barber could trade haircuts for goods or services. Make a list of your valuable skills, then work to expand it.

We can all achieve rewards from barter/trade/share. We can:

  1. Fulfill our material needs.
  2. Gain more control over financial matters.
  3. Protect our cash flow.
  4. Benefit from previously unused assets.
  5. Get certain items which we can’t buy in stores.
  6. Meet people.
  7. Share with other people.
  8. Avoid chores which we don’t like.
  9. Get an education in skills, people, and values.
  10. Develop a more humanistic and holistic lifestyle.
  11. Improve community relations.


We — the people — are the world’s most valuable resource. Instead of reaching for our wallet every time, we might offer a part of ourselves: our skills, our time, our talent, our under-used possessions. Sharing helps us to utilize more of those resources to meet our needs.

ConnectPolk Market

The ConnectPolk Market is a place that works to help the people of Polk County share and trade goods, services, knowledge, and labor.   Through both month events and an online classifieds, participants can trade goods, services, plants, seeds, or tools directly with one another or offer their items totally for free. It is about the creation and flow of value and wealth within a community, and finding alternative ways to meet each other’s needs.