The Birth of ConnectPolk

The Birth of ConnectPolk

small Connect-Polk-Tree-LogoWhen:  Saturday afternoon.  June 30, 2012 at 2 PM. 

The instructions from Ara: Munn Park…north west corner….grass area….look for 3 shaved heads 2 monks and a hippy chick. Lol

The Meeting: It began as a facebook call to all who might be interested in either a really free market or a free skool, “and maybe it can evolve into a time bank.” 

There, on the grass, assembled a diverse group of individuals looking to see what all the excitement was about.  I for one, was looking to see just how serious these folks were.  I knew none of them when I got there, and didn’t really know what the goals were.  

As the conversation continued, the vision became clearer.  The words which peaked my interest were Community, Diversity, Inclusive, Accessible, and Free.  It was clear by the activity on the facebook groups and the diversity of those in attendance, this group had not only the passion and the energy, but the drive to create a place for the community to connect.  As Ara McLeod spoke to the group about her vision, the group’s questions quickly unveiled their optimism.  It was obvious to me there was not only interest, but commitment.  I believe Polk county and the surrounding areas are ready for a cultural paradigm shift.  We’re poised for a reconnection of community where we all can benefit from the diversity around us.  The days which followed the first meeting would lead to talk of class topics and share markets and websites and more.  In the end, the goal of ConnectPolk is simple:  Empower the community of Polk County, to co-create a vibrant and sustainable community, through creative culture, social equality and environmental harmony.