CP Market

A quarterly event where people can trade goods and services with one another, without using money. Participants can trade goods or services directly with one another or offer their items totally for free. It is about the creation and flow of value and wealth within a community, and finding alternative ways to meet each other’s needs.

What kinds of things can I bring to the share market?

Anything you can grow, make, or offer as a service is appropriate for the share market.  Fruits and vegetables, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, pickles, jams, novelty items, toys, CDs, soaps, knitted scarves and hats, jewelry, paintings, coupons for haircuts, massages, housecleaning, guitar lessons, etc–the possibilities are endless!  Services can be offered on site and on demand.

Do I have to sign up in advance?

No–anyone who brings something to trade is welcome to participate whether or not they have pre-registered.  However, only those who sign up in advance will be listed in the online directory.

Can I sell my items for cash at the share market?

In the spirit of solidarity and alternative exchange, nothing is to be bought or sold at the share market.  However, you are free to advertise your business, to make people aware that what you are offering is also available for sale, and to make arrangements to sell a piece to a customer at another time and place.

What if I have nothing to trade?

Look around the share market–you may be inspired to offer coupons for a particular service that you can provide (e.g. tax preparation or a haircut).

How will the market be set up? 

We will have a few tables for displaying items which will be available to participants on a first-come first-serve basis.  We encourage all participants bring a folding table and/or chair for their own personal use if at all possible, or to improvise another means of display with boxes, crates, etc.

Is there a minimum number of items I can bring?

You can bring as much or as little as you like.  We ask those who are offering service coupons to be especially mindful of and clear about how much time they are willing to commit to share, so that they do not offer more coupons than they are able to handle.  It is of course possible to put time-limitations or other restrictions on the coupons, for instance: “One hour of nutritional consultation, to be redeemed in the month of August, 2011.”

How does it work?

We ask all participants to come with a suggested price in mind for their goods or services.  This is only to ensure that others can gauge the value of their items–all participants are of course free to negotiate.  Most trades will likely be direct trades: for example, I give you a bag of produce in exchange for a nicely-made wooden box I’d like to use as a gift next Christmas.

Do I have to label all my homemade items with ingredients?

Yes, all food items but have a label with the following items: Name and address of maker; name of product; ingredients of product; net weight or volume of product; allergen information (i.e.; Contains: wheat, eggs, milk, and peanuts)

What kinds of things are not appropriate for the share market?

The share market is most appropriate for homemade items and personal services.  Goods that are made by other people (including store bought and used items) are acceptable for direct trades as long as both parties are in agreement.