Food Connect Launch

Food Connect Launch

 ConnectPolk would like to announce our newest branch – Food Connect.  As with all of our branches, we are highly excited about this one.  It is felt, that by adding Food Connect to ConnectPolk, we have completed the circle to fulfill our mission statement:

 Empower the community of Polk County, to co-create a vibrant and sustainable community, through creative culture, social equality and environmental harmony.


What is Food Connect?

The Food Connect vision is good, healthy food for all. Food Connect believes food is vital to the health of individuals and communities. Access to good, healthy food is a basic human right. Food Connect promotes activities which will make food a priority at all levels of society. Through a series of programs – local food reclaiming, local gleaning, food redistribution, a C.S.A. (community supported agriculture)/CO-OP, and pet pantry – Food Connect strives to connect the people of Polk County with good, healthy, local food.

Food Connect is currently building its food reclaiming and redistribution team.  Redistribution includes not only bags of fresh local food to those who are in need; but also cooking reclaimed food and then serving hot meals to those who reside at a local homeless camp and those who are food insecure in the surrounding area.

If you would like to get involved in Food Connect, find out more about food reclaiming or would like to make a pet food donation; please contact us at: