About Us


Our Mission

Empower the community of Polk County, to co-create a vibrant and sustainable community, through creative culture, social equality and environmental harmony.


ConnectPolk is about building the spirit of community and the enrichment that this action brings to all the citizens of Polk County.   Through creative, out-side-the box thinking, we seek not only to create new programs within Polk County; but we wish to partner with established organizations creating and fostering open communication to bring assets together, thus co-creating a positive, visible and open environment in which we can all live, work, & play together.


ConnectPolk is about engaging our citizens with pride of place and seeing that together, we can create a vibrant community full of possibilities and opportunities.


Program Areas

Polk Free Skool

The strength of a community stems from the diversity of its people. Free Skool is a conduit for sharing the diverse skills, knowledge and culture in an accepting, free and fun environment. Learning can happen anywhere and we are all both teacher and student. Be it skills, crafts, art, philosophy or academia; as long as there is a teacher, a student and a place to gather, Free Skool is in session.


Polk Share Market

A periodic event where people can trade goods and services with one another, without using money. Participants can trade goods or services directly with one another or offer their items totally for free. It is about the creation and flow of value and wealth within a community, and finding alternative ways to meet each other’s needs.


Polk Time

Polk Time is a community skills exchange, also known as a “time bank.” Time banking is a way to exchange services as an alternative to the cash economy. In Polk Time we trade skills gained from work, education, life experience, hobbies, and volunteering, while making friends and building community.


Food Connect

Food Connect composed of a group of volunteers dedicated to growing, promoting and sharing local food, especially in food insecure and poverty stricken areas. We provide education for growing; collecting and disturbing food; promote community gardens and food sharing projects such as “Food is Free”.


Polk Roots

Polk Roots works to connect people with an interest in growing healthy clean food in a sustainable way. The goal of Polk Roots, is to create a network of people helping each other by sharing resources, knowledge, and labor through community gardens, plant/seed/tool swaps; seed buy co-ops; building a local seed bank; tool sharing; and garden labor swapping.

To contact the ConnectPolk Team you can e-mail us at PolkFolk@ConnectPolk.com